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Nov 26, 2014 by

One thing you can do to heighten security with your WordPress site is to remove the admin user and change it to something else.  Most hackers try to get in with the admin user and guessing the password.  Sometimes they use a bot to guess and keep guessing until they hit on the right password.  This won’t work if there is no admin user.  They can guess until the cows come home and they won’t get in.

To do this go into your Dashboard and find Users.

An image showing where Users is in dashboard.


Then create a new admin user.  Make sure you make it an administrator with a totally different name.


Also make the password difficult to guess by including capitals, numbers, and special characters.  Now log out of WordPress and log in with your new user to make sure it works.  Make note of the password.  Then log in a few more times with the new user.  Now delete the admin user.

Your WordPress is now a lot safer.

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