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Nov 26, 2014 by

One thing you can do to heighten security with your WordPress site is to remove the admin user and change it to something else.  Most hackers try to get in with the admin user and guessing the password.  Sometimes they use a bot to guess and keep guessing until they hit on the right password.  This won’t work if there is no admin user.  They can guess until the cows come home and they won’t get in.

To do this go into your Dashboard and find Users.

An image showing where Users is in dashboard.


Then create a new admin user.  Make sure you make it an administrator with a totally different name.


Also make the password difficult to guess by including capitals, numbers, and special characters.  Now log out of WordPress and log in with your new user to make sure it works.  Make note of the password.  Then log in a few more times with the new user.  Now delete the admin user.

Your WordPress is now a lot safer.

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OMG my WordPress has been Hacked!

May 30, 2014 by

WordPress, A Powerful Tool to Help Run Your Business

Creating  a WordPress site for your business is an inexpensive way to get your business online. WordPress offers countless themes and plugins to help showcase your products, services, or message. Thousands of programmers from around the world have worked on this powerful open source software and have created everything from e-commerce tools, to photo galleries,  online forms, and much much more. If there is a function or process you want to convey on your website chances are there is a widget or plugin that some clever programmer has already designed.  As with most things in life there is always the good, the bad and the ugly to things.

The Good

WordPress is great for small to medium size business to quickly and inexpensively develop an online presence.  It’s easy to use content management system allows users to quickly change or add content into their site.  Having a choice from selecting one of thousands of theme templates, allows for branding and one of a kind web design.  Using one or many of the powerful plugins available easily helps you get difficult  computer functions done without knowing any programming code.  Hiring a WordPress designer to set up your WordPress site ensures your site will be up and running in record time. Thus making your advertising dollars work best for you.  A WordPress designer should also discuss site security and search engine optimization strategies with you to help protect your site and make sure your rankings on major search engines are where they should be.  Checkout WordPress Virus Removals services to see how we can work with you to ensure your business or organization’s WordPress site is working for you.

WordPress Virus Removal can stop hackers cold!

Help is here, we remove malicious malware and viruses, click here to for a free diagnoses of your website!

The Bad

Because WordPress is an open source software, hackers or malicious users will find a way to make money by randomly selecting WordPress sites to infect with a virus or malware code. If your WordPress site has new pages about viagra or other ads or linked keywords, you’ve been hacked.  WordPress Virus Removal can help you get your site up and running to its optimal state.

Log-in in Failures

Newer WordPress themes now contain a user log-in failure function. If you notice that someone has tried to hack-in to your WordPress site by trying to login several times a day, it is time to heighten your security and configure your log-in function to prevent hackers. WordPress Virus Removal can quickly configure your site to prevent malicious end users from hacking into your WordPress site. Click here to fill out our virus removal request form or give us a call at 403-219-3031.

The Ugly

Malicious Hackers go to any lengths to add hidden code to your site to receive money by adding advertising scripts to key words in your website, these words will be highlighted as links and when clicked the hacker will receive money for hijacking your visitor to view ads for products such as Viagra, Weight loss, Pay Day Loans etc.

Worse yet not only is your WordPress software infected but your visitor’s computers are also getting infected  with a virus or trojan and is being plagued with ads that just will not stop. Unfortunately, once hacked your code is compromised and your site may become blacklisted from search engines such as Google.

Getting Rid of Viruses and Malware

Once your site is compromised by hackers a JavaScript, JQuery or PHP Script (coding function)  is run and every page and post on your site will be infected. WordPress Virus Removal has the know how to remove all the malicious scripting and can heighten security to your site.  You can rest easy and continue enjoying the powerful tool WordPress  has to offer.  Click here to request WordPress Virus Removal services to mend your site or prevent hackers from hijacking your costumers.

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